Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Black Christmas Story

Timely because of the sad state of affairs in the world -- and because I just saw the holiday classic for the first time!


Anonymous said...

Mom knows best.

das buut said...

Funny, but sadly true.

Also, CLASSIC??? Oh, no, honey. Never. When Santa kicked him the face, it was the best and saddest moment in that film. Best because he kicked him in the face. Saddest because it wasn't so much harder that the film was never made.

Unknown said...

? Do you understand what a classic is? Just because you (quite obviously) loathe it doesn't negate its "classic"' status. Don't get me wrong, TBS (and now TNT, apparently), has completely ruined the movie for me and made me sick to death of it. But it is old (over 30 y/o), it is a critical success, it is beloved by many all over the world, it has spawned a merchandising empire and generated at least 2 sequels (though nobody has ever heard of them). If that doesn't make it a classic, what does??