Friday, November 13, 2015

Rummage Through the Mudd

Tickets HERE.

Too rich for my blood, but I'd certainly love to own a piece of history from the MUDD CLUB


Dishy said...


Bob K said...

Oh, those old times! I used to drink at the other end of the bar at the Stud in San Francisco from Divine, who was not in drag. Behind me was Harvey Milk. Somewhere around 1985, on a business trip back to New York, I walked one afternoon back to my hotel, the dumpy Madison Tower, at 38th and Madison. On the corner stood Warhol and Truman Capote, heavy into conversation, with no one seeming to notice but me. Living in NYC in 1980, on my extremely rare trip to a big blub, I found myself next to Calvin Klein. Stoned, I started to imagine having him for a rich husband, but, of course, I was never a twinky, and it was not to be. It was a few years later that I learned to talk to random celbreties I came across. Some like it, some did not. I will vote Dolly Parton as the best of them, for niceness

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