Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Lunatic Slashes Two on C Train

Jesus, NYC is becoming so '80s again -- and not in a good way.
Matthew Ruff, a 22-year-old recent musical theater grad from the University of Florida, said he was on his way to a job waiting tables in Chelsea Tuesday afternoon when he saw a man in a denim hooded jacket pacing back and forth on the train before he pulled out a box cutter.

“He looked at the guy beside me, attacked him, then he came towards me,” Ruff told the Daily News. “He didn’t say anything. He was just coming toward me with the knife. He definitely had a crazy look in his eye, like it was all for fun. He just looked focused, like he knew exactly what he wanted to do, like if he wanted to kill us, he could have.”

Ruff says he tried to escape to the next subway car, but he tripped and fell in between cars. The attacker then got on top of him as he lay on the floor and cut a 4-inch gash on the right side of Ruff’s forehead before fleeing. Cops identified the assailant as Stanley Gray, 29, of Brownsville,  
Ruff, of Bushwick, needed 28 stitches to close the gash. “It’ll be a noticeable scar, but I’ll be all right.” 
The first victim, Oneal Mendez, 32, was treated at Brookdale Hospital. Cops arrested Gray four blocks from the attack the C train’s Ralph Avenue station in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The train attack came the same week the NYPD announced subway crime has risen 7.5% this year.

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dishy said...

No token booth clerks, no real surveillance - I constantly see people jumping turnstiles like it's the common thing to do. The subways are the worst I remember them being. AND that is bad!

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