Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Liberals' Islam Problem

The left has an Islam problem: If liberals won’t come to terms with religious extremism, the xenophobic right will carry the day

ISIS doesn't represent true Islam. But denying there's a problem within Islam only makes the left look feckless

Thank you, Sean Illing, for further explaining what I wrote about on Monday. Read HERE.


das buut said...

My relationship with religion is hostile tolerance. I acknowledge that some people suffer from it, but they better fucking keep it to themselves. I have no problem telling them when they bring it up that it's all lies and they are fools for believing it.

It's even in my entertainment choices: I fastforward through Andre on Empire and I loved him until his baptism crap.

Dwight Williamson said...

Timothy McVey and Oklahoma City proved that radical extremism exists in all cultures. All the Dems are saying is jihad and the majority of the people who live in Dearborn Michigan are not the same. Then again people tend to vote republican when they feel they are under siege, even if it's from the "homosexual agenda " as in 2004.

Michael Dodd said...

Ironically, in this country one could say that the right has a Christian problem. Conservatives seem unwilling or incapable of dealing with hate, racism and homophobia masquerading as Christian principles.

Isherwood Junkie said...

I call BS. Everyone knows it's radicals that are doing this. I have NEVER heard anyone believe otherwise. The problem is linking it to the entire Islamic religion. That's what jihadists want- broad brush strokes to ensure they can sell their oppression/ jihad/caliphate ideology. Frankly, as a liberal I find the idea that I can't distinguish between the two or are afraid to admit there are radical Islamists is laughable. I just refuse to be manipulated by the shrill far right into playing into the hands of the very people we are fighting.

Anonymous said...

it's conservatives that paint in politically broad strokes, not liberals or progressives who are educated and know the difference. don't fall into the trap, it's what conservatives are hoping for.

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