Monday, November 16, 2015

23 Governors Say They Won't Take Syrian Refugees

Of course it's moronic -- not to mention illegal -- for U.S. states to refuse certain refugees. (Refugee is NOT a synonym for terrorist) And of course it's moronic for assholes in Dearborn, Mich. -- which has a high population of Muslims -- to tweet: Let’s f--- that place up and send a message to ISIS. We’re coming! 

His (valid) point is nearly erased by his (sophomoric) false equivalency 

But it's also moronic to equate what happened in Paris (and dozens of other places) with Timothy McVeigh blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. The uncomfortable truth here is that there has been one McVeigh and a handful of Christian abortion-clinic bombers in recent times and THOUSANDS of murderous Islamic extremists, who are willing to blow themselves up (ask Israel, ask Sri Lanka) and recruiting like wildfire. And until we are willing to acknowledge this and have an honest discussion about it, we will never be able to calm people's fears -- irrational or otherwise -- and reach a solution that satisfies anyone. To be clear, I am leery of ANYONE who identifies first and foremost BY THEIR FAITH, because if you truly follow most of the main doctrines -- Bible, Quran, Torah -- it will not be pretty ... especially for women, LGBT people and minorities. But even the wackiest and most hateful "Evangelical Christians" don't go around killing people en masse. Although military intervention in the Middle East has not gone well in recent history, you can't help but wonder where we'd be if we'd tried to snuff out ISIS in 2013 before it started spreading like Subway franchises. 

The president probably regrets not going it alone, but it's hard to blame him for not doing it without the support of a Congress that already calls him "dictator in chief." Naturally, our nation's "representatives" were too concerned with midterms to stick their necks out one way or the other and we're all paying for it now. But if the left continues pretending like this isn't an issue, you can bet Republicans are going to capitalize on it -- and we cannot afford to have a loon in the White House. Call me Bill Maher all you want -- just please say I favor Ben Affleck -- but the facts speak for themselves. 

Maher was right about the 9/11 attackers, too.


Mike said...

Get a grip. ISIS has boasted about infiltrating the columns of refugees with terrorists, and indeed at least one of the assassins in Paris had entered Europe with a group of Syrian refugees. Your hatred for Republicans is obvious, but I would suggest that you might focus somewhat more ire on ISIS. Or are you not aware that under its program you and every other gay person would be executed. No Republican governor has chopped the head off a gay person, but for ISIS that's a religious duty and a sadistic thrill.

Mike said...

To clarify, the "you" in my post was directed at Shaun King, not at Kenneth Walsh (whose comments make a lot of sense).

northalabama said...

thanks, kenneth, for recognizing bill maher's observations of islamic terrorism.

republicans are quick to criticize the president, but somehow can't be bothered to even debate the aumf on the house floor - talk about hypocritical cowards.

Bob K said...

STUPID DEMOCRATS STAY HOME AND DO NOT VOTE -- and we end up with republican assholes pandering to their old and rich supporters running the country.

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