Friday, November 13, 2015

Bloodbath in Paris -- Update

Unimaginable horror today in the City of Light.

WSJ reports:
Terror tore across the French capital late Friday, killing more than 100 people as gunmen sprayed crowds in a bustling nightlife district and set off blasts outside a soccer stadium, in one of the bloodiest series of attacks in the country’s history. The sheer scale of the mayhem—six separate attacks—left authorities reeling. The government declared a state of emergency, sending military forces onto the streets of Paris, sealing off roads and reinstating border controls. Sirens blared across the city as police and emergency workers rushed to respond. Authorities said early Saturday they believed all the attackers were dead. Yet the seemingly coordinated attacks leaves France’s intelligence and security services facing one of their worst nightmare scenarios: several armed groups moving undetected and wreaking havoc simultaneously. 
The Paris prosecutor’s office said there could be more than 120 deaths in all, and that five “terrorists” had been “neutralized.” The highest death toll was at the Bataclan, a popular concert venue. Police estimates ranged from around 80 to more than 100, with dozens injured.
I have no use for organized religion, so you can only imagine how I feel about "religious" organizations with a homicidal streak. My heart goes out to everyone affected, which is pretty much everyone in the world except Islamic lunatics who think cartoons -- or something equally intellectual -- are a valid reason for mass murder.


macguffin Fifty four said...

While I'm sure you "get it", Islamic terrorists do have a reason for their actions. And they are legitimate, in and of themselves. But those reasons are often overly sensitive reactions to things, and their acts are certainly often overreactions, misguided and directed at the wrong people (I'm not saying there are "right people" to kill, I am saying there are "right people" to address and voice one's opinions to and work out the problem). But it truly is a horrible state this world is in when so many people are devoting their "life's work" to violence and hatred, and that so many people find that to be an acceptable answer to whatever problem they have. This violent atmosphere is only feeding itself and it will get worse before it gets better. But let's hope not.

Bob K said...

Decades ago, I was in Paris close to 20 times for business, then 15-20 years ago, 3 more times for museums and pleasure, while I still had money. I often say that I would love to live there. This is a deep wound for me. Don't dim the light of our great city, you assholes! Go fuck up Riyadh or Bahrain, not Paris, or London, Rome, New York, etc.

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