Thursday, November 19, 2015

All About 'Steve'

Boy Culture reviews "Steve," a new play written by Mark Gerrard and directed by Cynthia Nixon, which he calls a "genuinely insightful update of 'The Boys in the Band,' complete with angst, sexual battle lines, healthy self-loathing and—above all—intelligent humor":
There's no hooker, but there's plenty of whoring, all of which is implied rather than shown for cheap thrills, and some of which leads to hysterical and at times unexpectedly heartwarming reactions. Best of all, in spite of various other plays to which it could be compared, Steve is a new work, and a successful one at that. 
Read HERE.

 Matt makes it sound so good that I might have to overlook my quasi-disdain for Nixon, who revealed during her stubborn "I chose to be gay" routine that she was to Miranda Hobbes what Madonna was to Susan, perhaps even more so. 

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