Friday, October 23, 2015

You Say Accident, I Say Murder

Let's be honest, none of this would have happened if the victims had also been armed, because everyone knows the only way to "protect" yourself is to carry a gun with you. (And they want guns in your children's classrooms!)

A witness told KCEN's sister station 12News that a woman was in the waiting room of a medical office. When she reached into her purse to pull out some paperwork, a gun fell out of her purse causing it to discharge. The round went through a wall and hit another patient in the hip. 

 The owner of Griner’s Supermarket said a shopper’s gun fell to the floor and discharged. When it went off, the shopper and another man were hit. 

Chicago police say a man was charged with felony child endangerment after his 6-year-old son accidentally shot and killed his 3-year-old brother, and the father told investigators that he got the gun illegally from a gang member.

Tristan was killed by a bullet when his best friend accidentally shot off a gun, said Tristan’s cousin, Sidney Fenton. David Provencio, 18, is charged with involuntary manslaughter; authorities say he aimed a Glock handgun that he thought was empty at his friend’s head, and pulled the trigger.

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