Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maureen O'Hara Is Dead at 95

She was a beauty and film legend, who starred in my father's favorite movie of all time, "The Quiet Man" opposite John Wayne. But my brothers and I will always remember Maureen O'Hara for her performance in "Only the Lonely," in which she stole the show as John Candy's sharp-tongued mother. At one point she called a relative's German bride a Nazi, insinuating that the woman had slept with Hitler. Confronted with the fact that she was being ridiculous, she blurts out the funniest line of all time: "Well, there's no proof that she didn't." (What was considered an over-the-top joke in 1991 would pass for mainstream "logic" for the GOP in 2008.) Boy Culture remembers the Irish screen siren properly HERE.

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