Friday, October 02, 2015

Celebrating Grace Jones' Memoir She Promised to Never Write

Had a hoot at Chip Duckett's party to celebrate the release of Grace Jones' "I'll Never Write My Memoirs," the book she sang she'd never, well, write. The crowd packed into Martin Lawrence Galleries in Soho was a veritable who's who of New York City Facebook: great seeing and/or chatting with Fred Schneider, Scooter LaForge, Mike Albo, Bradford Shellhammer, Billy Hanson and Jonny Sorge of Liquid Diet, Amber Martin, Joe Jervis, Matthew Rettenmund and others.

 With Greg and Liquid Diet

Grace 'n' Chip

Grace may have been four hours late -- one-upping her three hours late to the signing earlier in the day at Barnes & Noble. 

But for those of us who didn't have the will to wait for Grace, we had this lookalike hanging around all night, who quickly got into the frame when the real deal showed up.

"I'll Never Write My Memoirs" is available now HERE.


Jim Kelly said...

OK, I'm sure to catch some flack for this post.

Grace may be - no, IS quite talented but her (apparently) habitual tardiness shows contempt for her audience and fans. At the (admittedly) only concert of hers I have attended, she appeared four or five hours late, leaving the crowd waiting in an open field through half the night. Then, when she did appear, blinding stage lights were turned towards the audience so we were unable to even see her. It turns out she was having a conniption about money with the event manager and took it out on us. Shame on her. Talented, yes! Gracious... uh, maybe not so much.

JimmyD said...

The late thing is really annoying. But! She kissed me at Barnes & Noble!!
LOVE that last pic!!!