Friday, October 09, 2015

1 Dead, 3 Injured at Northern Arizona University -- UPDATE

UPDATE: The shooter is now claiming self-defense. Even if what he said is 100 percent true, does anyone -- including "guns for self-defense" types -- truly think this is the best outcome for this situation, a dust-up between drunk frat boys??? As for whether he's telling the truth, the fact that his life revolved around guns leads me to believe he was just itching to do something like this, and may have provoked it to happen a la George Zimmerman. 

Colin Brough was killed in the attack

Another gun-related killing. Shocked to see NAU in the news. I hadn't thought of that place since touring its campus in '80s after they offered me a full academic scholarship. (I passed -- Flagstaff makes Phoenix seem like NYC!)

Gee. Who'd have ever thought this guy -- Mr. Patriotic-Hipster-Mardi Gras fanatic who loved to pose with his guns -- was nutty? 

The Daily News reports:
One Northern Arizona University student was killed and three more were wounded when a student fight ended with gunshots — rocking the nation again before an Oregon college had time to bury the victims of its own gun massacre. Police took suspected gunman Steven Jones, an 18-year-old NAU freshman, into custody after the early morning attack outside a dorm on the Flagstaff campus, police said at a Friday press conference. Two separate groups of students were arguing in a parking lot next to Mountain View Hall when Jones pulled out a gun and started shooting, NAU Police Chief Greg Fowler said at a Friday morning press conference. Colin Brough was killed in the attack, the school said in a statement. Fellow students Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring were injured. The injured students' conditions are not known. The relationship between Jones and his alleged victims is unclear.
Condolences to the young man's friends and family.

P.S. Now I'm hearing Texas Southern University is on lockdown after two people were shot near the campus. One is dead, the other is injured.

There's just no end to this.


Michael Dodd said...

There will be no end to it as long as the NRA owns the Republican Party and lots of Democrat colluders.

Thomas Straley said...

"Self-defense" may work for him.. it did for Zimmerman. But I hope not. And he will be very popular in prison looking like he does. I wonder if he thought of that when he shot these other kids?

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