Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Underoos Never Looked So Sexy

If this counts as rookie hazing for the Mets, then call me a frat boy!

Form l. to r.: Savannah Sand Gnats manager Jose Leger in The Flash, Sean Gilmartin in Skeletor, Steven Matz in Sueprman, Erik Goeddel in Boba Fett, Michael Conforto in Ewoks, Kevin Plawecki in Captain America, Dilson Herrera in Shazam, Logan Verrett in Batman, Hansel Robles in Darth Vader and Noah Syndergaard in He-Man.

Now if only SEXY David Wright would show up as Aquaman!


Jim Hopkins said...

Dibs on the guy in purple on the left.

jarago said...

I'll take Michael Conforto ( in green front and center) Let's Go Mets!

Fratboi said...

I wanna see the hazing pics when David Wright was a rookie!!!

Steve said...

There is a picture that purports to be David in swim trunks. Not a great picture but... I am apparently to dumb to insert it, but a search should find it.

Steve said...

@Fratboi--Not sure how familiar you are with MLB rookie hazing rituals. The 'dress code' changes from year to year. I found a photo from 2004, and David in not in underoos.
Here is the link.
(Sorry about the profanity, but it is a link.)

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Are you referring to THIS?

SFRowGuy said...

I believe the upcoming Justice League of America (JLA) movie, is going to have Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Good pick aside from the fact that Aquaman has always been portrayed with Blonde hair. Last picture I saw had Jason (as Aquaman) heavily tattooed, which will also be out-of-character for Aquaman.

Steve said...

Did I send you that?

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