Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Comedian Steve Rannazzisi Admits He Lied About 9/11 Escape

I've never heard of this guy, but I must confess I'm kinda fascinated with people who do stuff like this. Everyone tells white lies, I suppose, but I wonder if research would show everyone has lied about something much bigger -- or at least Brian Williams-ed a story or two. Thoughts? Examples? Read HERE.


das buut said...

I've lied about stuff to piss people off, but never about anything like this and never to make myself seem better. The one thing even close is my gender, but I've been honest about gender fluidity. Some people you can't talk about that with and you have to hide it for your protection. But, when you can be open, why not? It's just...why lie about something like this? You can get caught and then there goes your entire reputation.

Damian said...

Seems pretty silly to me. I had a job in Midtown at the time, but since I had a late start and because all transit into the city was shut down after the second plane hit, my commuter train came to a stop a couple of stations out of Manhattan. At the time, I obviously felt only relief (secondary to the horror and grief) that I didn't have to witness the devastation for myself or add being stranded on the island to the day's trauma; while I guess I can vaguely understand wanting to have been directly part of such a pivotal event, living with the aftermath alone was more than enough, and I've never left the need to embellish my account -- or even discuss it beyond a handful of times. But in the scheme of things, there are worse things to make up, although reading the article, seems pretty telling that the guy got creative about his resume too.

I guess I would have to distinguish between lying to sweeps things under the rug (for instance, the true circumstances of an embarrassing break up or job termination) or, for that matter, about one's sexuality while still coming to terms with it (!) and to completely fabricate things just for the sake of self-aggrandizement (pretending to have run a marathon at world class time, like Paul Ryan, to use a comedic relatively recent example). The former seems much more excusable to me, and the latter kind of pathetic. But everything is case-by-case and though I'm not a Boy Scout or anything, honesty is indeed typically the best policy, if for the very least to avoid damaging inconsistencies down the road like this guy.

swine said...

Whatever you think about why he lied about this or that he continued to tell this lie, way past being a "young man", watch his career implode. No company will want to have any association him now cuz he has a stench that's pretty repugnant. Apparently, his initial career rise was somewhat based on this false story -- and that's pretty slimy.

People usually seem to forget most stuff & eventually forgive. I don't think this guy is gonna be able to shake this off. What a dumb move.