Thursday, September 17, 2015

ABC News' Gio Benitez Pops the Question to Boyfriend Tommy DiDario in Paris

The ABC News reporter -- who has been driving traffic to my site all week thanks to THIS HUNKY PHOTO -- got the answer he was hoping for. Congrats, guys!

Now I'm thinking honeymoon sex tape ...

More photos HERE.


Johnny Diaz said...

I appreciate that they're so openly public about their romance. It's sweet :)

stonrdude said...

I was never openly aggressive like these guys are, but I think this is pretty cool actually. Its a little late now, but May/December love still happens??!!

hot guy of the day said...

Ugh, I'm jealous... Gio! <3

Jim Hopkins said...

Not that they asked for my opinion -- oh, wait; they did because they've pasted this all over the Internet, but: Obviously, Gio planned this whole thing in advance, with the help of the professional photographer, right down to where he would kneel so the Eiffel Tower would be framed in the background.

The mean cynic in me wonders whether this was shot and then re-shot, with Tommy feigning surprise in the re-shoots, with the intent to post this on Instagram, etc. Granted, that wouldn't be different than anything the Kardashians would do. Or for that matter, what the old Hollywood studio publicity departments would demand.

I dislike public proposals like the -- ones where there are people around, at least -- because it seems so manipulative. As in: "You better say yes because if you don't, I'm going to be humiliated in front of a crowd of people." Like these guys were:

von said...

All of my (straight) friends who've popped the question have had a professional photographer in "hiding" waiting for the proposal. They were also elaborately planned out (that was kind of the point). So I'm sure this richass dude can hire some top notch coordinators and photographers to get the "perfect" moment.

That said, all of my friends discussed the idea of marriage with their significant others at some point beforehand. So while the event itself was a surprise, they were always going to get married.

And because no one besides Ken will ever read this.... all these kids just do it for the attention. Fuck marriage, I wanna die happy and alone.

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