Thursday, July 30, 2015

No Hormone Imbalance in Transgender Children, Study Finds

Via Medical News Today:
In a recent study authored by Dr. Johanna Olson of the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, researchers have put to rest the notion that transgender experience is a result of hormone imbalance. Currently transgender children are often treated with a mix of synthetic hormones, which can suppress unwanted body features. However in their study, researchers have enrolled 101 transgender participants between the ages of 12-24. They found that the transgender participants had the same hormone levels as the general population, thus determining different baseline characteristics for transgender children and in turn different therapies.  
On average, the participants identified a discrepancy with their assigned gender at the age of 8. They did not tell their families until reaching, on average, the age of 17 years. Alongside this, the researchers found that 35% of the participants reported symptoms of depression and that more than half had thoughts about suicide - significantly higher than the prevalence among general youth.
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