Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kevin Sessums Exits FourTwoNine Magazine

Facebook's most prolific poster writes:

Last Wednesday was my final day as Editor in Chief of FourTwoNine magazine. It has been an amazing, an interesting, and a fulfilling two years on lots of levels but I reached a point at which the only principled decision on my part was to move on. I will be forever grateful for being given the opportunity to launch this magazine - indeed, we were cited as Launch of the Year in Folio: - and to produce these five issues I've conjured along with my small band of young, dedicated staffers. I will always cherish the experience. I will also continue to be an advocate for the writers and photographers I hired while there.
During my time at FourTwoNine as its founding editor I featured Tony winners, Emmy winners, and an Oscar winner along with other more cutting-edge artists and performers and personalities. I published a Pulitzer Prize winner and a National Book Award winner and a Man Booker Prize winner and a MacArthur Genius Award recipient as well as writers who were being published for the very first time. I even pushed the magazine form a bit and published one-act plays by Charles Busch and Jon Robin Baitz. I was the first person to publish George Hodgman writing about his mother, Betty, before his book "Bettyville" became a national sensation and bestseller. I loved being the forum for such great writing by so many writers I admire and giving established photographers and talented new ones the pages to showcase their work.
I wish FourTwoNine continued success. It has been an honor to create the editorial foundation on which it can build.

I always thought he should rebuild his reputation and then move on to bigger and better things. Step One was accomplished very nicely -- and I trust Step Two is just a matter of time.

UPDATE: The New York Times weighs in HERE.

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