Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cast of Lifetime's 'Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story' Revealed

Here's your first look at the cast of the Lifetime "Beverly Hills 90210" movie. Kelly Taylor looks like the only one they nailed, which makes sense since everyone at West Beverly did, too. Full details HERE.


Kirby Holt said...

Lord help me, I'm SO going to watch this. They got Andrea Zuckerman pretty good too, but boy were they kind to Donna Martin.

stonrdude said...

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Hot guys said...

Well, maybe they didn't do the best job at casting look-a-likes (or they didn't want to) but most of them look really similar to the original cast.

I think the clothes, hair etc all help so, their designers nailed it too! :D The girl with the glasses looks the same, maybe more slim though. The blondes look like Garth & nothing like Spelling.

And there is no Doherty in here. Nothing of her. xD Know her best from Charmed so... Yeah.