Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Song of the Day: 'This Charming Man' by The Smiths

The Morrissey concert will be here before you know it. Anyone know if he does any Smiths songs? I'm assuming no since he's not that charming of a man. 

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Anonymous said...

Actually, he does. In fact he started including songs by The Smiths in his shows for some time now.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth - he most certainly does perform Smiths songs, has for years. I will say (as a massive Morrissey fan) that his band rarely plays them with the delicacy and finesse that the Smiths did - sometimes they're kind of bludgeoned. But whatever - it's the f*cking Smiths we're talking about. See you then!

Damian said...

Great selection. However, I imagine my chances of catching this one live are around the same as it was for (FM's) "Sara" -- also at MSG -- alas. Would love to be proven wrong, though!

SSSDC1 said...

The last time I saw him at Strathmore he did my favorite Smiths song, "Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want." Tears of joy to finally hear this song preformed live! Immediately followed by 10 minutes of "Meat is Murder" however, with three-story-high images of slaughtered cows. This can be your bathroom break, but act fast because half the auditorium will have the same idea. (Frankly, I was tempted to go to the concession stand and buy a burger.) Otherwise, it was a great performance, the band was tight, and the set was an appropriate mix of solo (75%) and Smiths material (25%).