Friday, May 15, 2015

The Fisher King

Warning: This post might make you want to eBay one of these playsets.

Kudos to BuzzFeed's Brian Galindo for this spectacular trip down memory lane. His age may have caused him to use the less-fun "Main Street" over the 1970s Play Family Village and the "Jetport" rather than the larger municipal airport. And the Play Family Castle was totally inappropriate for American life, which is why I had to come up with an alternative use.

But he remembered the epic A-Frame, the incredibly detailed Children's Hospital (top) and even dug up the Fisher-Price McDonald's, albeit a pale substitution for my Playskool version. (Where are the trays and shake machine?). I have my own favorites -- including some other suitable Fisher-Price substitutes -- HERE.

Most egregious oversight: The Play Family Houseboat -- just look at those life-preservers and lounge chairs!

Trust me, Petula Clark wasn't singing about "Main Street," although I do like the little market.

Using the Jetport instead of the Play Family Airport is like flying into Islip instead of JFK

 Sure, the Tudor and the A-Frame were better than this tract-housing setup ... 

but neither had a fully functional bathroom!

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