Thursday, May 28, 2015

Police Called Over Ice Cream Cone's Paltry Sprinkle Count

Michigan is obviously feeling a little jealous of all the attention Florida and Arizona are getting. First Waffleirongate, and now this.

New York magazine reports:
After receiving an ice-cream cone with not enough sprinkles over the weekend, a woman in Michigan decided to take matters into her own hands — literally — by screaming at a store clerk and attempting to punch the friend trying to calm her down. The unnamed woman entered a local gas station on Saturday and ordered an ice-cream cone. When the clerk put too few sprinkles on it, she began to throw a tantrum. "The clerk called police because the customer was upset because she didn't have enough sprinkles," the Mason County Sheriff told M Life. Her male companion attempted to calm her down, but she began trying to hit him. The two eventually left the store, but the clerk called the police with their license-plate number. They'd already left the area before the cops arrived, though, so no charges were pressed. 

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Unknown said...

Waffleirongate and this were in the same county, so I would not be surprised to find out these people were part of bot incidents.