Thursday, May 28, 2015

BEC's All Breakfast Sandwiches, and a Little Bit of a Ripoff -- UPDATE

UPDATE: With all credit to the owner, the iced coffee was fixed to have an actual large size and the price was lowered by a dollar. I have been back several times.

Tried the highly anticipated all-egg-sandwich joint -- BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) -- that just opened in the former home of Cola's on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea twice this past week. The place is incredibly charming -- check out the milk bottles that line the front counter and the country accents throughout -- and the food is good. 

Went for the BEC Classic the first time -- to me a classic New York breakfast sandwich is ham, egg and cheese (HEC), but OK -- and then had the Godmother with all of its Italian meat goodness on trip two. Both were tasty, if not spectacular, but $32.12 for two small egg sandwiches and two coffees (I had a date) might not be a regular thing. At that price, it might be nice to accompany them with mixed greens or something to make it more of a meal. I was still hungry and the iced coffee -- not latte -- was a whopping $5.50. It's called a "large," but it's served in a plastic cup that is a "regular" or "medium" at every other store in the city. And while I'm sure they'd argue it's "cold brew," I found it to be borderline offensive. (Five-fifty for an iced coffee???) Note to owner Jessica Bologna: Drop the price a buck and I'll be back. Otherwise, I can have an egg scramble and a bottomless hot coffee at Westville around the corner for the same price.

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