Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rosie's Ex Makes the Rounds

Looks like someone's got a type.


Unknown said...

Is that woman a prostitute? Nobody shows off their (fake) tits like that, outside of a music video, unless they are selling themselves. Whore.

David said...

I know I'm straight and all, but those boobs look ludicrous. Come on!

das buut said...

I feel appalled for her, but the comments, WTF? It's more that outfit and the body makeup than how she displays herself to me. I'm just so embarrassed having seen so much. Maybe she came with a coat and wanted to make a splash at the event and they left it to make a splash for the cameras. Otherwise, worst dressed list.

Joan? Joan? Someone page Joan Rivers. I know she's probably in hell ATM because she can't make a comment. Heaven was making comments and making people laugh! Joan, we need you.

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