Monday, April 06, 2015

Madonna Covers Cosmopolitan’s 50th Anniversary Issue

Twenty-five years after her beautiful Hortense Hathaway-inspired cover, Madonna is back out front on Cosmopolitan, to mark the mag's 50th anniversary, looking very "Erotic."
"Popularity comes and goes," she told the magazine of her long-running career. "You need to know who you are, what you stand for, and why you're here." When asked what's different in the world since she first entered the entertainment industry, she said "don't be fooled, not much has changed — certainly not for women. We still live in a very sexist society that wants to limit people. Since I started, I've had people giving me a hard time because they didn't think you could be sexual or have sexuality or sensuality in your work and be intelligent at the same time. For me, the fight has never ended."  
Something that has changed from the early '90s is the boom of the Internet and social media platforms.  
"You can hide behind your computer or your phone and say whatever you want — you're not known. Could you say it to my face? Would you say it to my face? I doubt it," Madonna said of online critics.
Notice the magazine went from $2.50 in 1990 to $3.99 today.

(Via NYDN)

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