Friday, March 13, 2015

'Looking' Forward

No matter what you bitches say, I've been loving the second season of "Looking." Anyone know if it's been renewed for a third yet?

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Mark from NYC said...

It's awesome! So well written and acted. I feel like my 30 year-old self is being recreated out of whole cloth. I'm finding S2 really satisfying with the Doris & Dom background, and the Paddy and Kevin/Richie triangle, and everything. Renew HBO!!!!

vixlad said...

Love the second season

Blobby said...

I like "Looking", I don't love it. Maybe it's my age, but the HIV storyline and not knowing how to deal with someone who is has been done. And do they want us to think that folks who live in SF have never come across and HIV person before? That storyline seems after school special-ish.

As for Patrick and Kevin - I'm more distracting thinking that other shoe will drop.

Unknown said...

Yeah, renew this already. It clearly is made on the cheap, and considering some shows lasted forever with no audience (Treme), I think they can handle a couple more seasons!