Thursday, March 26, 2015

A 'Wonderful' Feeling

It's a writer cliche, I know. But there's nothing more gratifying than hearing that your book resonated with someone. My blogger pal Alan Ilgan's review of "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" went up today, and I must admit I feel giddy and a little light-headed:
The most audacious and memorable character in the book is Mr. Walsh’s own mother, the indomitable and unsinkable Molly. She is perhaps the mother of all mothers, pulling no punches and delivering every blow with brilliant comic madness and sometimes unbearable pathos. Walsh digs deep with his family memories, and the years-long dance his Mom somewhat awkwardly performs regarding his sexuality is one to which many of us can relate. We want so badly to be loved, and we will forgive almost-all parental transgressions because we have but one mother.
Thanks for the kind words, Alan!

Read the full review HERE.

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