Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'54' Costar Says: 'Ryan [Phillippe] Looked like Harpo Marx'

54 Bombed in 1998. Now It's Been Resurrected as a Cult Gay Classic. 

Best part of Vulture's article about "54," which had been needlessly degayed for its original theatrical release:
Some of those shifts even hurt the movie's basic continuity. “We had to be shirtless almost the entire time,” [Ryan] Phillippe says of the first period of shooting, “so we’d been in really good shape and had grown out our hair. A couple months went by after we passed production — we’d stopped going to the gym, our hair was cut — then we got the phone call: 'You’re going to have to go to the set in two weeks and get back into those tiny silver shorts and be half-naked again.'” “We both looked like we had some terrible disease that had taken away all our muscle mass,” says [Breckin] Meyer. “We’re in these wigs — I look like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer from 'SNL' and Ryan looks like Harpo Marx.”
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Anonymous said...

I feel pretty stupid, because I thought that change of look was on purpose. Perhaps meant to represent the dissipation such a decadent lifestyle resulted in. Or something.