Sunday, January 04, 2015

Putting the 'I' in Officer

The NYPD officers who made their fallen colleague's funeral about themselves are a disgrace to their badge. Being able to have an open discussion about the way our country works -- including law enforcement -- is an integral part of civil society. It's unsettling (to say the least) that people in this position of authority do not understand -- or respect -- that. I'm thinking it's time for the mayor to take drastic steps to remind people you CANNOT act like this.


BW said...

Yep. Their job is to serve us, not to rule us.

Mike said...

So, the mayor can exercise free speech but the officers are to be punished for free speech? I don't understand your logic.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Mike: Yes, good point. Just like soldiers should be able to say and do anything they want. (Fuck the commander in chief!) Why have a chain of command at all?