Friday, January 02, 2015

'Mad' About the Cover

I think AMC really missed the boat splitting the final season of "Mad Men" up -- it takes me awhile to warm up to the show each year, so now I have even less time having lost my affection from the previously fractured "season" -- but I do LOVE this new cover of TV Guide trumpeting its return. When I got my first apartment on my own in the Dupont Circle section of Washington, D.C. -- after having lived in various roommate situations in Los Angeles -- the first thing I did was subscribe to TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly. Something about having those two magazines in my own name made me feel like I was a grown-up, even if all it really did was secure my reputation as a pop-culture junkie. Both are fairly pointless now thanks to on-screen television listings and endless entertainment websites, but I still smile when I come across them both on the newsstand, even if I rarely bother to pick them up. (Yes, print media: I am a member and a part of the problem.)

UPDATE: Further proof that I don't pay attention to TV Guide anymore, I now realize this is from 2012, although I am right that the show is slated to return this spring.

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