Friday, January 09, 2015

Kei Nishikori Covers Time Magazine

Wow, pretty big honor. Time has had an interesting past with tennis, however, so it's not entirely unexpected. (Li Na ... twice!) Is there anyone who you think deserved to be on the cover who wasn't? I'd say Martina Navratilova -- and I'm kinda surprised there was never a Little Mo cover story or an Andre Agassi one (unless I missed). I've always thought of the 1970s as the Golden Age of tennis, but Time sure makes it seem like the 1930s was where it was at.

Anyone remember others? Email me HERE.

The Battle of the Sexes

Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs (1973)

Jimmy Connors (1975)

BJK picked as one of the Women of the Year (1976)

Bjorn Borg (1980)

Steffi Graf -- for her father's imprisonment, not her Grand Slam and other records (1996)

Boris Becker (2001) (for his being a whore)

Venus and Serena Williams (2001)

Li Na once ... (2013)

and again ... (2014)

From the archives:

Helen Wills Moody (1929)

Betty Nuthall (1931)

Ellsworth Vines Jr. (1932)

Donald Budge (1935)

Helen Jacobs (1936)

Gottfried von Cramm (1937)

Pauline Betz (1946)

Jack Kramer (1947)

Jack Savitt (1951)

Althea Gibson (1957)

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charles said...

Perhaps the emergence of Sports Illustrated in 1954 led to the drying up of tennis stars (and sports stars in general) on the cover of Time. I believe SI is/was a Time-Life title.