Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Morning Wood


Anonymous said...

He's good looking man. But, who the hell dressed him? There isn't anything right about it. The jacket is too short and too small. There is no way he could ever button it. The crotch is too short for dress pants to wear with a jacket. It's nice to see his bulge. But, it shouldn't be showing in dress pants. He's wearing a tie without buttoning the top button of the shirt. It appears like the neck may be too small to button it.

CAM Jr said...

ANONYMOUS, the rules of dressing you've mentioned ONLY APPLY to men who DON'T look like this. 'Cause I ASSURE you, if he walked into a room FILLED with gay men, not ONE would pass over him for the IMMACULATELY GROOMED lad who DOESN'T look like him. Not ONE!