Monday, December 29, 2014

And the Emmy Goes to ... Lisa Kudrow for 'The Comeback'

Season two of "The Comeback" -- and the finale, in particular -- exceeded my wildest expectations. A true testament to the creative genius of Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King that they were able to pick up nine years later and make a show that was as biting and relevant as the first time they stunned the TV-watching public with their ahead-of-its-time creation. No spoilers here, but the finale had me crying for 20 minutes and included a moment not seen since "The Wizard of Oz" -- truly sublime. I like the idea of their not doing a new season every year, but please don't make us wait nearly another decade ...

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Juan Lopez said...

Spoiler Alerts

We finally watch it last night. Two episodes ago I told my husband "Oh no I think that they are going to kill Mickey" So last night as we laid there after laughing so hard at the nervous eating speech practice part and asking to take a shower. I laid there somber and preparing myself for the news. Then she got the text and I tried to hold it together. When she looked out the car on way to hospital I could no longer take it. Then the finale I was in tears. Will admit was a little slow to start but the finale was the best ever. Glad to know I was not the only one who cried.