Monday, November 10, 2014

Cherishing Valerie

It's the day after the return of "The Comeback" and everyone's weighing in. Here's an exchange that summed it up nicely for me.
Hey Kenneth!
What's up?
Did you watch the first ep of THE COMEBACK? Halfway through it I thought it seemed kind of lame and forced, like its time as a concept was past. But then halfway though I think it hit its stride and suddenly got very interesting. By the end I was hooked again. It seems less funny and more concept-centered this go-round, which I like. I am indeed looking forward to more! (and Mickey looks so old! Shoot him! Haha no) At least this will hold me over until WORKAHOLICS starts up again.

'I'll have an Angie Dickinson'
Our night was a bit of a mess. My friend's cable box froze at 9:56 and a few of us went into full panic mode rebooting and MISSING the first 7 minutes of the show. (We waited 9 years and then that happened!) I didn't even want to watch it at that point -- just wait till 1 a.m. for the rebroadcast -- but we did. It was sort of out of context without those first few minutes, but I was surprised how quickly it picked up where it left off. Maybe I got to the good part faster than you this way, but when Val and Juna were talking about getting together and Val said: "Tomorrow?" we all about fell out of our chairs. It's so meta -- so many stories within stories within stories that your head might explode -- but I really thought it was seemless and was instantly hooked. (Mickey IS the show!)
I've only seen bits and pieces of WORKAHOLICS and thought it might be brilliant. Sounds like I should be watching!

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Anonymous said...

I have to know Kenneth do you think Paulie G has really changed? I would love to know what you think :)