Monday, November 03, 2014

19th and 8th

Heard from a friend that there was a lot of hoopla on the corner of 19th and 8th yesterday, the result of the powerful winds that were blowing through the city. My friend said he thought scaffolding had fallen off the former location of Nisos -- and Sam Chinita before then, for you longtime Chelsea residents -- causing a pack of fire trucks and ambulances to arrive on the scene, but when I went by later in the night it (only) appeared that the plywood that had surrounded the structure during the latest renovations was merely removed, revealing the outline of a new (and improved?) building. I like that there appears to be garage doors where Nisos' popular bar was, and the front door's evocation of the old Anvil is nice, too. What I'm not sure about, however, is what is moving in.  I peeked into the place and I must say it looked like it could be a bar -- wouldn't a new Rawhide be a dream come true? -- although I doubt that's in Chelsea's future. If anyone knows what's going on there, please let me know.


JimmyD said...

I walked past while the emergency vehicles were there. There wasn't much going on.

namespaul said...

A girl taking a survey in front of the building told me that it's a Chinese restaurant. And the survey is for them to decide whether or not to keep the liquor license. We shall see.