Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Song of the Day: 'These Days' by Jackson Browne

Fascinating interview with Jackson Browne in the new Rolling Stone in which he discusses his best-known songs. He wrote this classic -- done more famously by Nico and Gregg Allman, then later Everything but the Girl -- when he was just 16(!); "Doctor My Eyes" was actually inspired by an eye ailment; "Take It Easy" was all him, but only Glenn Frey had the swagger to add the girl "slowing down to take a look at me"; and it took him years to accept and not hate "Somebody's Baby," which might just be my favorite song of his. (Pick it a copy for all 15 songs.)


dishy said...

Cher also did a splendid version on her STARS album

Unknown said...

Ken, this is somebody I know, at least well enough to say hello to. From my observation, he is the man you would want him to be, after hearing his music. He had a prominent spot in the documentary "Troubadours" about the LA club, which highlighted James Taylor and Carol King. bob K