Monday, October 20, 2014

Song of the Day: 'How Bizarre' by OMC

I was sitting in Au Bon Pain the other afternoon, having arrived in Midtown earlier than ususal because of a doctor's appointment Uptown, when this ditty came on the PA system. As happy as I was to hear it, I was even more tickled to see that nearly every person in the joint began singing, smiling or tapping their feet, a clear sign that I was not misguided in thinknig it's one of the most infectious singles of all time. Couldn't have told you the artist -- OMC???? -- let alone that they're from New Zealand. But saddest of all, was learning in my research for this post that both of the brothers who formed the group died tragically young, one from a chronic degenerative disease and the other from a heart attack. They were 40 and 41. 

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