Thursday, October 09, 2014

RIP: 'SNL' Vet Jan Hooks Is Dead at 57

TMZ says the "Saturday Night Live" veteran died today in New York City after battling throat cancer. This makes me very, very, very sad. Loved her Kathie Lee Gifford and many other characters, but this is the role I'll remember her most for. Sad day for comedy.

"Do we have any Mexican-Americans with us today? Well buenos dias!" 

Why couldn't it have been Victoria Jackson?

In the foreground, from left, are Jan Hooks as Diana Ross, Tim Meadows as Lenny Kravitz and Adam Sandler as Axl Rose during the "Musicians for Free-Range Chickens" skit in April 1991

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Anonymous said...

So sad. She always cracked me up, no matter what she did. From The Sweeney Sisters, to Thirty Rock. Hilarious. She will be missed.