Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Let 'em Eat Snackin' Cake (UPDATED)

Oh, Betty Crocker. Was there nothing you couldn't do to make me happy? The only thing more fun than memories of Mug-o-Lunch is remembering Snackin' Cake. Snackin' Cake, for when opening a box of cake mix AND adding an egg and tablespoon of cooking oil was JUST TOO MUCH GODDAMN WORK. This commercial is from the '70s, but I could have sworn they later came up with a microwave formula, where you mixed it in the same disposable pan that it was baked in. Anyone?

And just how good was it, you ask? Even the snooty French approved!

And yes, this is something that I thought of when I was home sick from work yesterday.


This looks like what I remember from the '80s -- the "baking pan" was white paper that was exactly the size of the box, and the cake powder was in a pouch inside it -- but I definitely do not recall its being called that ... and I'm sure I would!

UPDATE 2: Stir 'n Frost is what I was thinking of!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Mark.

I guess the paper baking pan in my memory made me think it was microwave cake, but maybe it was paper so that you truly did not have to do anything but stir and frost ... oh, and bake! 

UPDATE 3: This is the right idea, although it doesn't ring a bell.

UPDATE 4: So yes! It was Stir 'n Frost, but they eventually made it microwave friendly (see ad)


Tom said...

There was definitely a microwave version of this, but I don't recall if it was Betty Crocker. I made a chocolate one for a college friend's birthday in July 1986. It came with a microwave pan. Just stir the mix with water right in the pan and microwave. Bought a can of chocolate chip frosting and slopped that on. I still have the pictures of us posing with the finished cake. For what it was, not half bad. Although we may have been drinking. I was home sick yesterday too. Hope you are better!

Mark, née Fuzz said...

Ah, now I remember why I was such a chubby kid.

Unknown said...

Mug-A-Lunch was excellent - had those after school as a hot snack before dinner or before I went to work. My favorite was the Beef Noodle!

STIR-N-FROST cakes were the best - I think BC still makes them (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

Hope all is well with you, Kenneth!!

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