Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Too De Muir?

With David Muir's ascension to the top of "ABC World News," the Internet is buzzing with opinions about the handsome anchorman, which has been a windfall of traffic to my blog thanks to my post about possible plastic surgery HERE, his hunky muscles HERE, just how handsome he is HERE, what he would look like with a hairy chest HERE and how it's an open secret he's gay HERE.

My friend Jim writes:
As I read this New York Times story about Muir starting as one of the Big Three news anchors this week, I thought it was odd the paper didn't mention that he's gay. After all, that's another huge first in big-time broadcast journalism. Anderson Cooper's out, of course, but he's not at broadcasting's pinnacle. Then I Googled around and discovered that, while it's an open secret in New York City's gay community, Muir has never actually confirmed it. 
And the media webiste NewsBlues opines:
"His earnestness seems practiced. His stories always seem to revolve around him as a main character. In fact, his self-absorbed presentation captures a younger generation's image of what a TV reporter should be. In the age of social media, news is "all about me."
What do you think of David Muir -- and do you think his sexuality needs to be addressed?


Don said...

Given all the anecdotes about how he wrote letters to the local news team when he was a kid and ended up interning there by age 14, it's clear that he was born to do the news. Having said that, I do agree with some critics that it can feel like he's playing a role, like he's trying really hard to act like his personal Jesus, the late great Peter Jennings.

Anonymous said...

I always find it amusing that just because the gay "community" in some large city is aware of someone's sexuality, they automatically assume that makes a person "out" and that all straight and even gays outside of their local "community" are also aware. You know, because keeping up with the gossip in the NYC gay community is so important to those of us who don't live there.
As far as I can tell, Mr Muir is a closet case.

Unknown said...

Why is that amusing? It makes perfect sense, logically speaking. If a famous person is out in their personal life and in "gay circles" (so to speak), it is logical to assume the "news" has gotten out, since every ounce of "celebrities" lives are dissected in the media. Why should gay celebrities be different? Gay people don't live in impenetrable bubbles. That a gay person living openly as gay would not necessarily be known to be gay elsewhere is what seems amusing to me. Isn't that a step backward into the past where everyone had gay aunts and uncles, "but nobody talks about it"?

Anonymous said...

Why is his sexuality such an issue to begin with. Seems to me that's David's personal business, and not that of anyone else. If he's gay great, if not, so what.

Anonymous said...

I admit that your sexuality is your business. Now if he is gay then keeping it a secret, makes it seem like being gay is something to be ashamed of. If he were straight he won't have any problem talking about his wife, would he?

Anonymous said...

... as for "if he were straight, he won't have a problem talking about his wife:

A-- Name a network news anchor who has talked about his wife.
B-- Consider that David might hurt his own ratings and economically damage ABC by making a show of being Gay.
C-- He is not lying, he is just not talking. If he were in a job where it might not cost him and ABC ratings, which means DOLLARS, I would be more interested in telling him to come out.

Blobby said...

I'm not one who thinks that everyone is gay must tell everyone. People who are straight don't. Brian Williams has never come out as straight, nor did Harry Reasoner.

I get people shouldn't feel be ashamed to tell folks they're gay, but maybe only when it matters - not just to say it.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Blobby: You do realize that "people who are straight don't" bit is hilarious, don't you?! Of course straight people are telling everyone. Brian Williams talks about his WIFE 24 hours a day on Letterman and Colbert, and his daughter he had with a woman is never far behind!

Demuir said...

While we understand that it's his prerogative to keep his personal life private, it's still strange that he won't say one way or the other. Since he always mentions marital state - single, married, kids, etc - of people he reports on, obviously he finds that important info to include about others yet he won't about himself. He hits all the gay-destination islands and beaches at every chance he could. Having the need to cavort freely at those locations, he'll leave asap on Friday nights and return on the last flight on Sunday. He's wiped out on Monday's broadcasts usually, almost falling asleep with his eyelids closing. Watch him. He's sunburned all the time from those weekend getaways and vacations. All seems to add up, but he won't just say. It's very annoying. But time is closing in. He's approaching the age where they get tired of hiding/fighting it. Or something happens in their personal lives - usually illness/accident - that their partner is revealed. But I do know a handful of men who act/talk gay but are not. So, maybe he's like that. He's just with hookers at those beaches? Or, it just may be that he's still seeing that lady 16 yrs his senior who raped him when he was like 22. Wants to keep quiet frequenting her. But I have to say that this extreme secretiveness IS a turn-off.

Ymir said...

ABC is probably monitoring David Muir's viewership. Female viewership outnumbers the male so far. They probably are advising him not to come out yet. But they have hired a bunch of gay journalist/staff to compensate. Gio, Kendis, a few for the mornings, nightline, etc. Producer Eric Noll is darling! David's PR is gay too. He is surrounded by gays. I am assuming that David has input on the hiring of those who work directly with him. He hangs out with them at work and leisure.

Dr. Chats said...

Possible reasons for David Muir be so guarded:

1. He's gay but afraid to come out or conflicted in his sexuality
2. Dating different women but can't have a playboy image as an anchor. There is no shortage of willing women there.
3. Continues seeing that old lady of the rumor that surfaced while ago. She still kisses up to his mother big time. She may have traumatized him but he's too nice and kind to admit that. Being a media intern at 13, I'm sure he saw and experienced much crazy sexual come-ons from both men and women. He wasn't able to say anything then but now may bear scars. Poor kid.
4. He's with hookers. His twitter used to have hookers beckoning him on to their towns and then saying, "glad you came to Texas", etc. So, hookers may be his thing.

Other than that, there is NO way a women partner will keep quiet if they are a couple or married. Not will there be reason for him to be so guarded if with a steady female partner unless it's number 3 above.

Whatever the case, I wish him happiness.

Chris said...

It does seem that David Muir does like women. But he currently seems to be in a relationship with a man. I'll explain. I personally know three cases where the guy happened to fall in love with another guy. But he was attracted to women. He truly loved him but really wanted to be in a relationship with a woman. He wasn't attracted to other men. He wasn't bisexual. He specifically loved this man but was generally attracted to women. After much heart-break, they ended up breaking up and he married a woman. Same thing with two other guy as well as a woman I know. For whatever reason, there's a connection and a bonding so they fall in love. But it's specific to that person and not an overall orientation. It's different for each person I guess. For some, it may be orientation. But for others, it may be unique to a person. If it's a case of specific bond for David Muir, I am sure his partner isn't going to let this one slip away. Thus prolonging David inner conflict/struggle about his sexuality.

By the way, these men I know still talk with a flaming gay voice although they are not now. That's their natural comfortable voice and had been teased as a child but ceased to care after they got married. David Muir might be like that too.

Ymir said...

Recently, David Muir kept talking about how the pope doesn't judge gays. He said it again at Rachel Ray's show, at which time, even Rachel looked at him like, "oh, you ARE a closet gay".

Kelly said...

David Muir's drooping eyelids finally explained:
I've been wondering why his left eye lid droops and looks so tired coming off of weekends, holidays and vacations. I thought he was working. But no. David Muir is having viagra sex parties on weekends, vacations and holidays! Surely on Mondays, you'll see his left eyelid droop. Sometimes during the weeknights too. Now we know when we see that droop, he's been working it with viagra. Weekends on sun drenched beachfront resorts and weeknight at some city hotels. He earns over a million a month. It must be the thing for these filthy rich celebs when they sex party. Insiders call him a big tease and playboy too. But people are still lining up. He's gonna need a lot of viagra, which means we'll see a lot more of his droopy eyelid as he reads the news.

I was clued in when someone I know was having eye trouble due to viagra.
Then it dawned on me. David Muir also has eyelid issues. Must be viagra!

Ymir said...

That old lady rumored to have practically raped David when he was 22/23 was at his NYC West Village brownstone yesterday if not the whole weekend. She's drinking and lounging with a smile ear to ear. Rather gross if you ask me. I am waiting for tell-all memoirs of all his sexual partners. But in the meanwhile, post some sex tapes of David Muir, people!

Demure Fan said...

Recently on David Muir's birthday, it looks like Kelly tried to subtly out him by putting rainbow color candles on the birthday cake she made for him.