Saturday, August 23, 2014

The World According 2 G


Geoffrey Dicker is one of my favorite bloggers and Facebook friends. He's like the gay Zelig, popping up at every red-carpet event and never failing to secure a "pic-with" all of the biggest stars. Now he's bringing his brand of pop culture wisdom to old-school publishing, with his new book, "I Won the Internet: Daily Wit, Wisdom and Selfies, According to G.," the must-have read for the fall. Order now HERE.

Poet, lyricist and blogger, Geoffrey Dicker is back with his third book -- "I Won The Internet!" -- a collection of humor and thought-provoking wit to help supply you with material to become the coolest person in your news feed. In addition to providing daily wisdom and laughs disguised as status updates and tweets, he also shares results from his multitude of celebrity encounters. Dicker has met famous people from all walks of life (including actors, artists, musicians, politicians and sports legends) and he celebrates their birthdays by showing off his portions of his impressive collection of selfies with the stars or their autographs. By challenging and encouraging the reader to think differently and discover the works of these amazing people, Dicker believes that you too can win the Internet.

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