Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Luke O'Donovan?

It's a shame nobody is willing to report the full story here. Sparrow media's story (above) would have you believe he did nothing but defend himself, plain and simple.

Man suspected of stabbing 5 people at New Year's party denied bond

However, this CBS news story makes it sound like he was asked to leave a party then came back and viciously attacked everyone for essentially no reason.

News Flash: Sometimes things are not black and white. What I'm hearing is that he was indeed beaten, stabbed, had his head stomped on all while being called homophobic slurs. What seems to have gotten him in trouble, however, is that he eventually got away, but came back and exacted revenge on his attackers. If it is true that the people who perpetrated this attack -- after reportedly seeing Luke kiss another man at the party -- are walking free, then justice has clearly not been served. As for his retaliation -- should it only count as self-defense if it happens at the exact moment you are being attacked? There is a blog called Let Luke Go HERE and I find it peculiar that it glosses over details that I believe are relevant. What do you think? 

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Anonymous said...

Yes I believe that the real definition of self defense is when something is happening to you. While I agree this whole mess is horrible if he went back after leaving to cause harm he is now the attacker. His other option would have been to call the police, report a crime and sue for health costs, etc. instead of stabbing people.

He clearl made a bad decision; unfortunately since he came back and attacked them no one will pursue what they did to him.