Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Talking Heads

 I'm the longtime president of the Tracy Austin Fan Club, but I couldn't agree less with her being voted the second-best tennis commentator by readers of Tennis Tuesday. I'm not sure what the original question was -- all of the people on the list are players-turned-analysts, so was that a requirement? -- but Mary Carillo is a former player and didn't even rank. And even the woman I hated most growing up, Pam Shriver, is better than Tracy, whose stiff delivery and overstating of the obvious really grates on me. (Would LOVE to have lunch, though, gurl -- you're my fave off out of the booth!) I'm fine with John McEnroe on top, although Chris Evert is my favorite for a host of other reasons! (She and Pam could take that show on the road!) See the list HERE.

From Chris' Facebook wall:
Loved meeting and spending time with Tracy Austin's cute and polite! Like their mom!


Anonymous said...

Mary has always will be the best by far. I hate to say it but Martina is excellent. Mary Joe is far better than Paw but they work well together.

Anonymous said...

#2 should be Lindsay Davenport, she's a real talent at the mic. Chris Evert? Nah. Her commentary is as eye-opening as talking about how green the grass is.

And don't get me started about Mary Carillo! She'd still be going on and on about the absurdity of challenge system if she possibly could. Somebody must've slapped her and said enough already.

Rankings should be IMO:
#1 John McEnroe
#2 Lindsay Davenport
#3 Patrick McEnroe
#4 Cliff Drysdale
#5 Pam Shriver **

** I'm from Baltimore so I'm allowed this otherwise nitwit choice. I'm still mad at her about the time she basically ridiculed the talent in the US Open semi finals by saying the likes of Yanina Wickmayer were playing.

-- Ken H. (daily reader)

Donny said...

Chris is the worst. Even worse than Tracy. Can't stand her commentary. Martina is the best for me.