Monday, July 07, 2014

My Boyfriend's Back


Novak Djokovic may have prevailed in today's Wimbledon final, but it is hard to say Roger Federer was the loser. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing -- Roger and I were practically married, youmay recall  -- but it was hard for me not to root for Nole after losing three in a row -- and five of six -- Grand Slam finals. True, it may have been Roger's last best chance at winning another, but it truly felt like Djokovic's career might have been irrevocably destroyed had he lost, having been up 5-2 in the fourth, up a match point, and also having had set points in the first. However you feel about the outcome, though, there's no denying it was an incredibly good match, one truly befitting of the most prestigious title in the sport. 

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Mike in Asheville said...

I saw the match a bit differently; Roger played what is now his A game while Nole played his B+ game. Had Nole also been at his A game, it would have been over in 3 sets.

Some very impressive play from the up-and-comers; the one who first makes that extra level of commitment that we saw Rafa first take at 22ish, and closely followed by Nole, made them equals to Roger.

Will it be Raonic or Dimitrov who makes that insane commitment -- diet, body training, mental focus, and technique -- to be the new number one in the next year or so?

One thing though, there certainly are many a very hot and attractive up-and-comers, fun bonuses for the sport.

On to the US Open -- a very tough defending season for Rafa, should be a great battle to the year-end rankings for No. 1 -- Nole and Rafa have more than twice the points over the field.