Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tread Lightly

A copy of the email I sent the manager of my gym yesterday:
I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble, but I do think you should be aware of an incident involving a trainer I believe is named {REDACTED] this morning. I was doing my daily run on the treadmill -- which I do in incremental sprints -- when I had the machine at the maximum speed at which I can run. As I am at the peak of my exertion trying to keep up, I feel a hand on my arm. I was so startled I nearly fell and killed myself. As I got my bearings, he extended his hand to shake mine and again said something -- only I am RUNNING MY ASS OFF and listening to my headphones -- so I waved him away and say "I'm busy." Rather than respecting my request to be left alone, he AGAIN tries to engage me.(WTF?) I know trainers are just doing their job when they approach members and offer tips. But he REALLY needs to be more aware of his surroundings and make his move at a more judicious time. A broken neck is really not something I signed up for. 
Kenneth Walsh
UPDATE: The manager of Crunch called me to personally apologize for the incident. She couldn't have handled it better.


dishy said...

Good One! He probably wanted an autograph! LOL

Greg said...

So what did he want? Surely he's familiar with HIIT

JimmyD said...

That use to happen to me frequently at 24 Hour in SF. The trainer(s) would be trying to sell their services. That's fine, just don't bother me while I'm CLEARLY in the middle of something. I'd snap, "Not interested."

Johnny Diaz said...

How fast were you going? I'm having images of you going at Bionic-speed.