Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Too Close for Comfort

Novak Djokovic barely slipped by Radek Stepanek in their second round match at Wimbledon today. I need a hug, too.

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Mike in Asheville said...

It was a great match for Novak. Too often he is not pushed until the finals or semi-finals, leaving him w/o that grit and determination to win it all (okay, thats against Rafa mostly and the few others who have kept him from winning a major in the last five attempts; compared to Rafa with took 3 of the 5).

It would be great to see Novak and Rafa fight it out again; a deep 5 setter with a struggle to win. Of course, there is Roger and Andy who also have big eyes for the championship. As the Big Four wind down their dominance over the field, it would also be welcome to see who that newcomer will be.

It sure was exciting to see the young Roger take over, and a very young Rafa. Perhaps time for new blood for new rivalries. To me, tennis is poetry in motion -- the better the match, the better the poetry.