Sunday, June 15, 2014

Today's Purchase

Am eager to revisit, haven't read this since I was about 13. #HelterSkelter


Unknown said...

Seriously, I just re-read this for the first time since it was published. It's such a fascinating story still, the fact that these people followed Manson with such loyalty and were from such different places than he was. I've now started to read In Cold Blood again. Perhaps you will too?

Anonymous said...

I was about 15 when this book came out. I was both fascinated and terrified by it. It freaked me out so much I had to put it under the couch when I wasn't reading it because just glancing at the cover gave me the creeps. (I think the original cover had "Helter Skelter" dripping in blood...) So many nightmares that summer.

Anonymous said...

The best true crime book ever written. Vincent has written other books and they're fascinating. I find him to be an incredible attorney and a great writer..true talent!! Thanks VB for putting the trashiest people in prison where they belong! You rock..