Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Song of the Day: Best Of Patrick Cowley - Megamix

Like many gay men, I've worshiped at the altar of Patrick Cowley since the first time I heard his work with Sylvester. But imagine my surprise when I discovered a pal of mine (Jorge Socarras, a bit of a gay Zelig who co-designed ACT UP's "Silence = Death" poster) had recorded an ahead-of-its-time New Wave album with the gone-too-soon producing wiz back in the mid to late '70s under the moniker Catholic. The project finally saw release in 2009 -- nearly three decades later -- and can be downloaded HERE. In the meantime, enjoy this incredible megamix of Cowley's finest moments, another sobering reminder of just how much talent we lost in the early days of the GRID/AIDS epidemic.


The full album is now steaming on YouTube.

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