Friday, March 28, 2014

The Emperor's New Cockring

I saw and then forgot to write about James Franco's "Interior. Leather Bar.," which probably tells you all you need to know about it. When pressed by the film's (confused) leading actor -- pal Val Lauren -- Franco admits he's not entirely sure what the point of the project is, but adds that he thinks it's messed up that he's a little uneasy about seeing two men have sex -- "because society brainwashed me with nothing but images of straight people having sex" -- so perhaps this is righting the wrong. It won't -- it's so pornographic lite that no one but gay men will ever see it -- but that's not to say Franco's heart isn't in the right place. It's just a shame no one seems to be willing to tell Franco when to pick and choose his moments. He's like the gay-friendly boy who cried wolf, and one of these days he's gonna do something really worthwhile related to LGBT issues and it will probably be greeted with a thank-you and a yawn.

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Adam said...

I too was underwhelmed. It's a far less interesting film than Cruising. It seems like Travis Matthews in particular doesn't even understand or appreciate Cruising, and was complaining at Outfest that Friedkin portrayed the S&M scene as "evil." My mind was blown.

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