Friday, January 17, 2014

The 10 Broken Commandments

Prosecutors say Rev. Richard Lee Shahan, formerly of Birmingham’s First Baptist Church, had plans to flee to Europe to marry his boyfriend. The minister has been charged with murdering his wife, Karen Louise Shahan.

Jesus Christ. What a piece of work. And then there's this one:

Police have stuck a fork in this dairy deviant. The so-called “Swiss Cheese Pervert” was nabbed by Philadelphia police at his home in Norristown, capping an extensive hunt for the cheese creep who exposed himself while wielding the food item, according to reports. Christopher Pagano, 41, was unceremoniously led out of his home on Noble St. by police with their guns drawn Thursday afternoon. Pagano faces a slew of charges including stalking, indecent exposure and harassment, according to Philadelphia police. Read more HERE

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