Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Petitioning New York City Council

New York City Council and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: 'Stay or Go' Fire Safety Law in Memory of Daniel McClung and his surviving husband Michael Todd Cohen 

This petition calls on the New York City Council and mayor Bill de Blasio to introduce & sign a bill requiring ALL residential high-rise buildings in New York City to install a public address system in emergency stairwells so that FDNY and building management can communicate life-saving information in an emergency situation.

To learn more or sign, click HERE.

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Charles M said...

I'm surprised you don't have this already. I live in a highrise in downtown Chicago, and we have a PA system built into the centralized fire/heat detectors. The entire system is tested every summer. This was mandated by City Council several years ago after a single highrise fire in which people died.

Even before that, though, Chicago had some of the strictest fire safety regulations in the country. But then, Chicago gets still gets really nervous about fires...

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