Wednesday, January 29, 2014

'Looking' for Trouble

Yeah, I'd have to agree with all you guys who say HBO's "Looking" is boring and is playing it "too safe." Only 38 sex scenes in two episodes. My life is WAAAAAAAY more exciting -- and I'm sure yours is, too.


Mike in Asheville said...

Kenneth, alas, while the sex scenes are kinda hot, they do not overcome the boring nature of the story. Pretty faces and muscled bodies, great; now, how about some witty/cleaver words to prick the brain.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Two men flirting on a bus and then later going on a date and getting to know each other is boring?

I guess everything can't be as riveting as "Two and a Half Men"!!!!

Mike in Asheville said...

No, thats the "kinda" hot part [met more than a few hook-ups on BART, myself]. BUT, in Looking, the dialog is not much different than a staged porno hook-up. I guess with all the promos HBO showed in the build up, I was expecting something a bit as riveting as Tales of the City, and Looking isn't even "a half" of that.

EpicCollision said...

yeah, i'm getting a little tired of the Tales allusions of grandeur...tales was terrible, groundbreaking for for its subject matter, but terrible...terrible acting, direction, it was just gaudy.

It has great meaning for a lot of people because they grew up while watching it, watch it just does not age well.

Looking is just something else. So its set in san francisco and it happens to have gay did Full House...can we just move on.